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2007/10/16 02:27 PM  Others  Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada 
2007/05/15 02:36 PM  Others  The Supreme Court of Canada is confirming that a citizen defending himself, without lawyer, in a Court case, is permetted to get help and advices by a person which is not a member of the Law Society. 
2005/10/11 09:55 AM  Others  Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverly McLachlin, P.C. Chief Justice of Canada 
2004/11/14 11:01 PM  Others  The City of Hawkesbury rejected all tenants in this building. Instead of resolving the issue, the lawyers increased substantially the losses of the owners to represent many times their initial investment. 
2003/03/15 12:45 PM  Others  Law Society approves new conduct rule for contingency fees 
2003/03/04 08:02 AM  Others  The Supreme Court of Canada confirm freedom of expression for every individual. 
2002/10/15 01:06 AM  Others  Terms and conditions of service. Please read before agreeing. 
2002/10/15 01:06 AM  Others  This is your first time on this web site? 
2002/07/18 09:40 AM  Others  La justice? Quelle justice? 

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